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Our aim is to be a top provider of logistics support services in the marine sector to the oil industry in Nigeria, by deploying modern equipments, in a safe, prompt and cost effective manner, bringing about viable solutions to the needs of our clients in an industry, where timely movement of personnel and materials is of fundamental importance.




At the very heart of every successful offshore oil exploration activity, there is an efficient, modern and prompt marine transport system. The scope and nature of oil exploration business involves a great deal of movement of personnel and materials from one location to another, which must be on time, safe and done in a cost effective and competitive manner. Downtimes as a result of non- availability of the above mentioned due to poor logistic arrangements have far reaching detrimental effect on the operations of oil companies as well as those of other servicing companies associated with them, which leads ultimately to huge economic losses at every level of the business.
   It is also well known that the most practicable, effective and efficient means of transportation in an offshore oil exploration environment is by marine system, usingboats, vessels and barges of various capacities and designs to move personnel, equipmentsand materials from jetties and ports to rigs and floating systems scattered across oilfields since offshore equipments are mostly of heavy nature and space consuming.


We are  a company fully devoted to the provision of first class marine transportation support system in the oil industry.We go to lengths in ensuring that our clients get unparalleled satisfaction by the quality of services and support we provide in the oil industry and beyond.
By the reason of our experience in similar operations in West Africa, central Africa and other parts, we are highly well positioned and equipped to deploy at the shortest notices, boats, barges, vessels and other equipments with varying capacities and capabilities as the need may arise, to operate marine support operations in creeks, oceans and other water bodies .
  Our operations are done with modern and well maintained equipments, while being seriously conscious of the importance of using only well trained and qualified personnel. Safety  as well as the health of our personnel and others involved in our day to day operation is non-negotiable .Our services are cost effective and competitive .our aim is to be partners in progress to our clients at all times by ensuring that their interests are always well protected irrespective of circumstances both foreseen and unforeseen. ultimately as a result of all these is the benefits that accrue the economy of the environment where we operate immediately as well as the nation as a whole .This is by means of direct employment generation to well qualified people in the sector of our business and also indirectly to others associated by one means or the other down the line as our business continues to grow.

It is also important to state that business for us is done in strict compliance with local laws and regulations governing our activities.Major of these are those related to business ethics, contractual obligations and environmental protection.



The scope of our operations and the types of equipments we offer include but not limited to the following;

  • Crew /service boats of various capacities for conveying   personnel and materials.
  • Survey / navigational boats equipped with the latest state of the art functions and technology.
  • Tug boats, house boats, and utility vessels patrol boats.
  • Survival capsule for training and other offshore training equipment
  • Dredgers of various tones and capacity.
  • Platform supply vessels (PSV).
  • Bargesof various designs and capacities that can differently take fresh water, fuel and equipments as may be required by our clients.
  • Refrigerated containers forstoring food items as well as other perishable materials.
  • Marine consultancy services.
  • Ship chandelling.
  • Crew management.
  • Onshore/offshore oil supply of generators, lifting gears e.t.c





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