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Manpower Services

  • Recruitment
  • Staff Training
  • Salary Administration
  • Industrial Relations
  • Staff welfare

Procurementl LoQistics ManaQement Services

  • Purchasing Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Inventory Management (Codification, Inventory accuracy, Standardization, Variety Control, Elimination of Moribond Stocks)
  • Logistics Management (including stores and Transport operations).
  • Development of P and L methods and procedures Development and formulation of P and L Business Policies.
  • Training and Development of P and L Staff


Saturn Ventures Ltd has been operating now for nearly ten years in the industrial field and indeed has experience in the scheme of work and its attendant hazards.

As a result, the company has a CASHES policy in place which provides guidelines, procedures and practices on Health, Safety, Environment, Security and relations with its host communities.


Manpower Services Value N600 million (Client Shell and SNEPCOl

Saturn Ventures has provided manpower services to the Oil /Gas industry in Nigeria for the past 9 years. These services involved the supply of highly qualified and experienced human resources to perform various duties to clients. The categories of manpower provided include:

  • Engineers of various disciplines (mechanical, civil, chemical, instrument, electrical, Process, environmental, quality assurance/quality control, maintenance, projects, planning, marine, contracts etc.)
  • Professionals in health safety and environment
  • Geophysicists, Surveyors
  • Accountants, Business Administrators
  • Professionals in legal matters
  • Procurement / logistics management professionals
  • Computer systems engineers / analysts
  • Marine officers
  • Training personnel
  • Technicians (electrical, mechanical, instrument, fitters)
  • Fire fighters
  • Managers in various fields.

Materials Manaqement Services (Client-Shell) - Value N13.2 million

In addition to the provision of manpower services, Saturn Ventures also has provided materials management services to the Oil/Gas industry in Nigeria. Between September 2001 and April 2002, the following projects were executed.

  • Reviewed the materials stock inventory for Moribond items, proposed various elimination strategies, and implemented the approved strategies.
  • Reviewed stock inventory control parameters, set realistic control parameters, and proposed optimal stock levels. Trained client's staff in the process.
  • Materials stock Auditing:-counted, checked, the materials stock in storage, investigated differences, proposed adjustments to bring inventory accuracy level from 65% to 98.50%. Training of clients staff.
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